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Parental Rights

Let me be clear: Parents must have full authority over their child’s education. Part of that authority includes the right to access any materials that are being presented in the classroom, at school events, and anywhere else, free of charge. Pornography and Critical Race Theory, which teaches kids to hate themselves and each other, are extremely dangerous. They have NO place in any taxpayer-funded setting, especially a public school campus.

Fiscal Responsibility

Tax dollars belong to the People of Texas. Public money is YOUR money. As a current local school board member, I know firsthand that school debt is completely out of control. School funding needs to be thoroughly reviewed and accountable to ensure our schools are fully funded and that tax dollars are spent on educating students!

This conservative philosophy should govern the Permanent School Fund (whose board includes members of the State Board of Education).

improving Student Achievement

Texas currently ranks 28th in the nation for Public School Education, in spite of both skyrocketing property taxes and the Legislature pumping billions in new funding into the system.

The children of Texas deserve a rigorous education that brings us into the top tier of school systems in America. As a successful systems engineer, I will use my experience to help transform our public schools so that the children of Texas are provided world-class education to compete in the global marketplace and keep Texas one of the world’s top 10 economies.

Part of improving our academic scores includes shutting down illegal immigration. Our hard-working teachers are just not equipped to teach the massive influx of non-English speaking students. This is causing a terrible strain on public resources in Texas, and I call on Washington to put an end to the Biden open-border policy that’s hurting our schools!

ending woke culture

The mind-virus of wokeness is spreading rapidly through our public schools. It has reared its ugly head in attacking girls’ sports and teaching our children to hate their country. I have fought against these radical, insane ideologies as a School Board member in Round Rock, and I will stop them in their tracks on the State Board of Education. Our kids deserve an education, not propagandization!


Your support is crucial to protecting Texas Students!

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